To best preserve the value of your watch, you need to decline its cure into three actions.

    When a timepiece is not worn, the easiest way to protect it from shock, scratches, water dust etc. is its case or its watch winder.

    If the watch is not worn regular, it is advisable to place the timepiece in a watch winder.
    In addition, a regular inspection of the seal by an authorized watchmaker guarantees it functions properly and maintains its value.

    Sophisticated system of great precision, an automatic watch is also a beautiful piece of work that we like to wear and admire.
    Apart from your wrist, what better place to highlight it than a watch winder?
    A parte il tuo polso, quale posto migliore in cui riporre e contemplare il tuo orologio, se non un watch-winder?


    Acidulous, sober, bright or fun, the watch winders of the Startbox range use fresh colours and modern, refined lines. Simplified to the extreme, these watch winders bring together the essential elements of our expertise. Their Soft Touch surface gives them an unbelievable smoothness to the touch.


    In the Masterbox range, you will find all the leading products that have earned Swiss Kubik its international reputation. Made up of a base module incorporating the best of our Swiss technology, they can be endlessly customised with veneers made of the finest material: wood, leather, aluminium, carbon fibre, etc. From magnificent tiny screws on the front panel to topstitching and polishing, everything is Swiss Made, Hand Made and Home Made.